Free Range Geese

Blackwells Free Range Goose has rich meat, full of flavour which has had the benefit of the summers fresh grass and hung for a minimum of 10 days to enhance flavour. Rich, dark and succulent meat cooked to perfection with a crisp golden skin.

Free Range
Free Range
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We aim to get the first available goslings, which enables us to get them grazing on the free range paddocks at 4 weeks of ages around mid-May and onwards. This is when the grass is at its best and will benefit the geese the most, grass loses its value by July so this is when we introduce our own home produced wheat.

The geese will be 26 to 30 weeks old by the time of their slaughter, they will have the full goodness of the grass and will be fully mature which enhances the flavor as opposed to larger producers who will be slaughtering geese at 18 weeks old.

Our birds are now priced individually.