Spotlight on… Pork

Pork meats to ‘pig out’ on over the festivities…. Pun intended! 😉

We have a large range of Gloucester Old Spot Pork meats available at our farm shop, ideal for the festivities. Gloucester Old Spot is an English breed of pig which is predominantly white with black spots and is named after the county of Gloucestershire.

Pork Leg on the bone – Leaving the bone on provides a deep, impressive flavour when roasting.

Pork Leg Boneless – Perfect for roasting, this Pork Leg produces a fantastic crackling

French Trimmed Rack of Pork – A rack of pork from the rib area with a delicious eye of meat and a good layer of fat for delicious crackling.

Pork Loin boned and rolled – We cut a piece of pork loin and debone it whilst leaving the rind on to ensure crackling successes.

Porchetta – Created using the loin and belly of the pig with our very our apple and chestnut stuffing running through the middle.

Looking for a recipe to inspire you? Consider this delicious ‘Roast Pork and Honey Mustard Gravy’ dish.