Rolled Rib of Beef

One of the best roasting joints. Cut from our local free range beef.

Free Range
Free Range
Native Breed
Native Breed
Extra Matured
Extra Matured
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Shelf life: 5 days



Product Details

✔ Naturally raised to high welfare standards

✔ Slow reared for an exceptional taste

✔ Absolutely no added water

✔  Rich & full of flavour

✔ Sourced to high end & fine dining restaurants

✔ Home delivery*

A large joint of meat with a deliciously meaty flavour and strong marbling. The bone is removed and the joint is rolled and tied for easy carving.


Sizes range from 1.5kg – 4kg.


All of our Beef is sourced from a small number of carefully selected independent farms in the local area that fully comply with our quality standards.

The traditionally reared beef is extensively farmed allowing the animals to roam freely in open meadows and graze on natural grasses and herbs. The beef is fully traceable from its point of origin to our shop.