RAW Dog Food: Turkey

100% Natural · 100% Fresh · Preservative Free

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Shelf life: Frozen Product


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Made from human grade meat with fruit & vegetables ensures your dog gets the diet it deserves by giving it all of the essential proteins, minerals and vitamins they need for a healthy, active and happy life.

There are No Colourings, No Preservatives, No Artificial flavourings and No Additives just 100% Natural.
This is a complete dog food for working dogs and contains bone.
Each pack is frozen and weighs 900g.

Feeding Guidelines

Small Dog 100g per day Adults weighing up to 4.5kg
Small to Medium 200 – 300g per day Adults weighing between 4.5 to 11.5kg
Medium 300-400g weighing between 11.5kg to 22.5kg
Medium to Large 500-700g per day weighing between 22.5 to 35.5kg
Large 700g per day weighing 34kg +

Ingredients: Turkey (80%), Ox Heart, Liver & Kidney (9%), Carrot, Green Leaf, Butternut Squash (10%), Kelp Flaxseed Oil

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