Lamb Saddle Boned & Rolled

Our succulent lamb at its best with the impressive taste reflecting the quality.

Free Range
Free Range
Colne Valley
Colne Valley
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✔ Naturally raised to high welfare standards

✔ Slow reared for an exceptional taste

✔ Absolutely no added water

✔  Succulent & full of flavour

✔ Sourced to high end & fine dining restaurants

✔ Home delivery*

A premium roasting joint, easy to carve and sweet and tender. Expertly prepared and rolled and boned for an easy carve.


1.5kg – 2kg. £15 per kilo


Colne Valley
Bred and reared by local farmers on neighbouring farms, these lambs are mainly Texel’s crossed with Blue Leicester mules. This cross gives the animals good broad loins and meaty legs.

Salt Marsh
Seasonal. Salt Marsh is available from June until around the end of March. The sweetness and succulence of this lamb comes as a result of them grazing and roaming freely on the marshes during the summer months.