Suffolk Barn Chicken Breasts – Pack of Two

Chicken Breasts cut from a whole English bird in house


English Bird
English Bird
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✔ Naturally raised to high welfare standards

✔ Absolutely no added water

✔  Succulent & full of flavour

✔ Sourced to high end & fine dining restaurants

✔ Home delivery*

These chicken breasts are cut in house from whole birds for the best flavour and succulence. Slowly cook the chicken to ensure it remains juicy, tender, and full of flavour.


£8.95 £5.50 Per Kilo.  Pack of 2.

Suffolk Barn

Suffolk Barn Birds are barn-reared in smaller flock sizes by individual farmers who are passionate about the welfare of their animals.  The birds not only have far more space available to them than other more intensively reared birds but also enjoy enriched conditions such as perching and being able to rest during natural periods of darkness.