Blackwells Burger Box for Two People

35-day Aged beef Burger with homemade sides and condiments

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Product Details

Carefully created by Blackwells in-house Chefs and Bakers.

Top quality ingredients with easy instructions.

Making dinner at home feel like dining out.

Included in the box

Two Demi Brioche Buns

400g of 35-Day Aged Beef Mince – (Breed: Old Gloucester. Farmer: Robert Chamley. Location: Great Porters Farm)

Four Dingley Dell Pancetta Bacon Rashers

American Cheese

Mushroom Ketchup

Truffle Mayo

Fried Onions

Homemade Wedges

Homemade Asian Slaw

Please note, our boxes are available for Delivery/Collection on Fridays and Saturdays Only. Orders to be placed before midnight on Wednesdays.