Old-fashioned cuts in the Farm Shop

Old-fashioned cuts are the perfect comfort food. Slow cooked for full flavour and goodness, they’re just what you need for this weekend’s wet and windy weather.
From scrag end to oven busters, we’re adding to our usual great selection in the Butchery; pick up a old favourite or try something new!

Top Rib on the Bone  ·  Leg of Mutton  ·  Oven Buster  ·  Brisket on the Bone  ·  Beef Ribs  ·  Rolled Blade  ·  Back Rib  · Ox Tail  ·  Ox Flank  ·  Ox Cheeks

Hand & Spring  ·  Blade Bone  ·  Stuffed Belly  ·  Trotters  ·  Chaps  ·  Brawn

Scrag  ·  Middle Neck  ·  Breast of Lamb

Can’t see your favourite on the list?  Contact us and order direct from the Farm Shop.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Blackwells.
Howard, Jane & the Blackwells Team