Happy New Year!

Dear Customers,

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year & thank you for your custom in 2019 and over the Christmas period.

At Blackwells we’re celebrating local beef throughout January.  We support sustainable, small family farms  enhancing the local environment with their use of traditional husbandry methods, wildlife-friendly practices and keeping permanent pasture, an important carbon store, in Essex. 

Well-managed grazing and grass-fed herds help conserve soil, reduce erosion and water pollution while increasing carbon sequestration and preserving biodiversity.  George and I deal direct with farmers, sourcing cattle from small herds and family farms in the surrounding area.  The American-style feed lots shown in the media are not representative of British agriculture or the hard-working farmers we support.

With minimal steps from farm to the counter, this allows our customers to be mindful when sourcing meat -ask questions about provenance, how animals were reared and most importantly, be assured they are buying the best quality, high welfare local meat.

For the New Year, we are reducing all our prime steak and topside cuts by 25%.  Take advantage of our offer in the Butchery.

We hope to see you in the Farm Shop soon,