Handpicked Elderflower

You will find elderflower growing in abundance from late-spring until early-summer, and finding these wonderful plants blooming around Blackwells Farm is no exception.

Not only do these wildflowers have an array of health benefits, its fragrant and refreshing flavour is super tasty too.

We take full advantage of having wild elderflower plants growing around the farm by using it to create our homemade Blackwells Elderflower Cordial.

Our in-house chefs, collect, compress, and mix these wonderful buds with complimenting ingredients, to produce a delicious summertime drink.

Blackwells Elderflower Cordial is available in the farm shop in two sizes.

TOP TIP: Use your cordial to drizzle over a fruit salad.


Published Date: 7th July 2021 – Written by: Kay Tilbury