Centrepiece Christmas Meats


Turkey is arguable the most popular choice for Christmas dinner, in Britain we eat ten million turkeys every Christmas. Whether it is a whole bird, breast, or crown, once cooked the turkey is tender and flavoursome.

We produce free range bronze turkeys, a traditional slow-growing breed with enhanced flavour and quality.  Our bronze turkeys are free to roam in large grass paddocks all day and are reared to maturity, skilfully hand-finished and ‘game hung’ for 10-14 days for a superior bird.

Cooking & Carving Tips

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For those who are not fans of turkey, a goose is the next most popular choice. A roasted goose on the Christmas table has been a tradition since ancient times. While turkey may be plumper, there is nothing like the taste of goose. Once cooked the goose becomes a rich and succulent meat with a crisp golden skin.

We aim to get the first available goslings, which enables us to get them grazing on the free-range paddocks at 4 weeks of ages around mid-May and onwards. This is when the grass is at its best and will benefit the geese the most, grass loses its value by July, so this is when we introduce our own home-produced wheat.

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Traditionally, Beef is the meat of the weekly Sunday roast. However, many people still opt for this over the festivities, particularly a rib of beef. The rib offers a great marbling with bits of fat evenly dispersed. Once cooked the rib of beef is succulent and juicy.

All our Beef is sourced from a small number of carefully selected independent farms in the local area that fully comply with our quality standards.

The traditionally reared beef is extensively farmed allowing the animals to roam freely in open meadows and graze on natural grasses and herbs. The beef is fully traceable from its point of origin to our shop.

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Duck is another show-stopping bird and a great alternative to turkey, offering a delicious rich taste and a mouth-watering crispy skin. If you’re not a great cook but still want to do a showstopper this Christmas, then duck it a great option as it’s easy to cook.

Our ducks are reared here at Blackwells Farm, each bird is fed on a whole wheat grain-based diet that also utilises naked oats without the use of hormones, growth promoters or biscuit waste.

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If you are having a small celebration over the festivities, the pheasant is ideal for smaller groups of two to four people. Not only is it in abundance this time of year, but it is also incredibly tasty and comparably quick to cook.

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Gammon /Ham

Many people opt for two meats with their Christmas dinner, with gammon/ham being the most popular accompaniment meat, served alongside all the trimmings. And better still it can be eaten cold for days after.

All our gammon/ham is produced out of our own pork, cured and sent back to us. It is cut from the hind leg of the pig to give a good layer of fat.

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Looking for something different this Christmas

Three Bird Roast – A plump goose stuffed with chicken and pheasant with our own pork, apricot and white wine stuffing.

Beef Wellington – Centre cut beef fillet, brushed in English mustard, mushroom Duxelle, wrapped in a pancake and puff pastry.

Porchetta – Created using the loin and belly of the pig with our very our apple and chestnut stuffing running through the middle.