12 Days of Christmas: Choose Goose

The countdown is on to order your Christmas bird!

Goose is a very economical bird with little or no waste and the added bonus of goose fat drained off during the cooking process which keeps well in refrigerator or freezer. Goose fat is invaluable for deliciously crisp roast potatoes and makes exceptionally light pastry.

Blackwells Free Range Geese are reared to maturity with the benefit of a summer’s fresh grass, dry plucked and game hung for rich, dark and succulent meat that can be cooked to perfection with a crisp golden skin.  We highly recommend a Blackwell Goose for Christmas Day.

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Michelin-starred chef Adam Byatt explains why a Blackwells Goose is a fantastic choice for Christmas…

Our five simple tips to cooking your Christmas goose to perfection:

1. Make sure the oven and roasting tin will accommodate the bird!  If it’s a tight fit, place the bird diagonally in the tin.
2. Use large width tin foil to wrap the roasting tin to avoid spillages.
3. Cover legs in fat and wrap in foil. Remove foil for the last 20 minutes, baste the breast with the fat and pour off the surplus.
4. Siphon off some fat from the roasting tin during cooking, ideally using a bulb baster, and use for potatoes and parsnips.
5. Rest for 30 minutes, then carve either from the breast or remove complete breasts and carve across the grain into slices.