We produce both traditional white and free range bronzes, a slow-growing strain with enhanced flavour and quality.

The white turkeys are kept in open barns on deep straw with natural light and ventilation. The bronze turkeys are kept on large grass paddocks.

Points of difference between our turkeys and supermarket:

  • Dry plucked by hand Natural cereal based diet
  • Bronze are free range with plenty of space to roam
  • Hung for minimum of 10 days
  • Slow growing old fashion strains
  • Family farm.
Quality Assurance
Golden Promise turkeys are raised in the old fashioned ways by caring farmers, all members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association. 
These turkeys are developed from the slow-growing breeds of days gone by and they are given only natural foods – which means that, come Christmas dinner time, you’ll be enjoying the finest flavoured turkey you could imagine. 
The TFTA Code: 
  • Reared and produced with the greatest care by independent farmers dedicated to the production of the finest truly Traditional Farm Fresh Turkeys, who are committed to this code. 
  •  Grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition. 
  •  Fattened on rations containing at least 70% cereals with no animal protein and never given antibiotics or other additives for growth promotion. 
  •  Housed in buildings giving both natural light and ventilation while providing essential weather protection, with space at or better than the Animal Welfare Code recommendations. 
  •  Always handled with extreme care by experienced staff under the personal supervision of the farmer. 
  • Regularly bedded with comfortable straw or soft wood shavings. 
  •  Grown on farms that are independently inspected to ensure that the Code is met in full. 
  • Slaughtered on the farm to avoid stress from long distance transportation. 
  •  Always dry plucked and hung for a minimum of seven days to mature and develop the natural flavours unique to this Traditional type of production. 
  •  Processed in facilities inspected by the local Environmental Health Officer to ensure that all legislation is fully complied with. 
  • Individually inspected and examined before qualifying for the Golden Promise guarantee to be affixed. 
  •  Supplied with a money-back commitment in the unlikely event of consumer dissatisfaction. This commitment is guaranteed by the TFTA.